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Founder's Message

In line with Dubai Plan 2021 and in light of UAE Vision 2021, ENLITE aims to disseminate knowledge and drive sustainable growth through designing, developing, and delivering relevant content to nurture and enlighten talents, equipped with relevant skills and prepared to use such skills. To do so, ENLITE adopts a flexible client-centric approach, adapted to meet and respond to the regular needs of relevant targets. ENLITE supports innovation, research, and development through producing, presenting, and promoting innovative ideas.


ENLITE Training Institute Est is a continuous personal and professional development training institute that offers workshops to groups and individuals on etiquette, protocol, image, cultural awareness, language, legal and business English, as well as other soft skills to further improve their personal and professional skills. ENLITE is based in Dubai, UAE with a qualified team of professionals, specializing in the relevant areas. These professionals are equipped with the relevant skills, specializations, credentials, and qualifications to provide value-added, quality services delivered in a way that meets expectations. ENLITE is the one-stop-shop for providing personal enhancement and professional advancement training programs for those who want to improve in business and develop in life to gain the relevant skills to deal with different business, corporate, and daily life situations

  • Profitable growth – continuous development
  • Potential talents – satisfied delegates equipped with relevant skills and knowledge
  • People excellence – skilled and qualified trainers
  • Process improvement – business best practices, policies, and procedures
  • Product-driven – result-oriented
  • Performance-based – progress checking
  • Positive and profound knowledge – active and practical information exchange

The people are considered to be the driving force of social, sustainable, and economic development as they proactively, actively, and productively pursue and promote development by contributing to all aspects of society and economy to confidently identify, address, and overcome challenges.
In line with Dubai’s Plan for 2021 and the UAE’s Vision for 2021, ENLITE aims to support and empower individuals toward achieving their goals through five (5) core areas as follows:


Legal and Law Training CoursesBusiness Training CoursesSoft Skills Training CoursesLanguage and Cultural Training CoursesEtiquette, Protocol and Style Training Courses
Introduce, elevate, support and improve the skills of legal professionals as well as others who are directly or indirectly involved to acquire relevant skills and knowledge that will enable them to apply best practices and empower them to promote their profession to meet the needs and benefit relevant stakeholders. Facilitate the understanding and dissemination of knowledge that promotes commercial development to improve business activities and practices.Optimize productivity and true potential in different areas by equipping individuals and businesses with relevant skills and knowledge to enable them to contribute actively, positively, and confidently in the community.Welcome diversity through engaging people from different backgrounds to foster mutual understanding and respect.Enhance personal and professional presence in a leading global hub.
Work to meet the diverse needs and demands of the market through developing relevant practical skills in others that they can actually use and apply as needed.Apply talents by building knowledge and developing skills.Bridge cultural gaps and interact by using a common language.Facilitate the understanding of civility, courtesy, politeness, and respect in the region and beyond.
Vision, Mission and Values

To be the market leader local training provider of choice in Dubai for continuous development training and a pioneer in the areas of law, business, language, and other soft skills by the year 2020.
To design, develop, and deliver training content and context that cater to the specifications of clients through applied knowledge, practical skills, and best practices.
These values reflect ENLITE’s conduct:

  • Dedicated and continuous client care, service, and support
  • Commitment to quality
  • Flexible custom-tailored content solutions
Strategic Corporate Objectives

1. Serve the needs of individuals and organizations in different sectors, fields, and industries to develop, advance, enhance, and improve certain customary relevant knowledge and skills in different situations.
2. Provide swift, quality, and timely services at all times.
3. Establish and maintain ongoing, continuous, and lasting relationships with clients by providing any required support.
4. Provide up-to-date, practical, and hands-on knowledge, information, and resources to trainees for them to succeed in their personal, professional, and social life.